What can Equine Assisted Counseling do for you?

Healthy Risk Taking

• Provides immediate cause and effect situations, which stimulate long-term change.

Self-Esteem Strategies

• Rapidly breaks down defense mechanisms that interfere with growth and development.

Personal Fear Awareness

• Challenges clients in a non-threatening and innovative manner.

Addiction Management

• Promotes the process of change from unhealthy behavioral and communication patterns to successful ones.

About Us

Let the spirit of the horse lift you up!

Our goal at Pegasus ECT is to help you understand Equine Assisted Counseling (EAC). With EAC, individuals have the opportunity to explore behaviors and patterns that may create problems in their lives. These problems require honest, assertive, communication, which is done verbally and non-verbally. Believe it, or not, non-verbal communication (body language) makes up 97% of ALL communication. In fact, humans are usually not aware of their non-verbal cues and may generate mixed messages to others, which can be counterproductive and unintentional. Moreover, our history’s most dynamic and powerful beings, horses, are able to read our non-verbal communication perfectly. They are honest, intuitive, and nonjudgmental, which makes them the perfect counselor, friend, parent, sibling, significant other, peer, boss, employee, and/or colleague, necessary for outside support and vast objectivity. The objective is living life on life's terms and knowing it is a "team effort". This is our hope for you!


We have a highly trained team of licensed mental health professionals, certified by state approved boards
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Mickey Kay Troxell

Addiction & Equine Assisted Counselor
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David J. Pugh

VP of Operations
Grief Recovery Specialist
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Deborah Levine

Clinical Director
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TeJay Brune

Contracted Equine Specialist
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Cori M. Charm

Contracted Health Care Professional
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Kara Weinraub

Contracted Equine Specialist

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